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Step into the realm of empowerment with our Handgun Self-Defense Workshop, a dynamic four-hour program meticulously designed to arm you with vital skills for effective self-defense. 

Support Moore County Law Enforcement by attending this course!

What Awaits You:
Embark on your journey with a customized assessment. The workshop will be tailored to your unique skill level for a personalized learning experience.

Mastering Essential Skills: Immerse yourself in fundamental aspects of self-defense:
Efficient Reloads: Maintain control in critical moments.
Malfunction Clearance: Swiftly address firearm malfunctions.
Decision Development: Enhance high-pressure decision-making.
B.S.A. (Balance of Speed and Accuracy): Practice precise and rapid shooting techniques.


Skills Challenge:

Put yourself to the test in a controlled and supportive environment, reinforcing confidence and competence in self-defense scenarios.

Gear Checklist (per person) Come prepared for success:

Handgun with holster (firearm mounted light ok too)
Three Magazines and Magazine Pouch
300 Rounds of Ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection
Comfortable Attire for movement during practical exercises
Handheld Flashlight

Join us for this empowering 4-hour session, gaining indispensable self-defense skills and the confidence to navigate challenging situations. Enroll now for a more secure future and invest in your peace of mind.