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12 Gauge Defensive Ammunition

12 Gauge Defensive Ammunition

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The AccuTip Sabot Slug is more than just an intimidating presence; it dominates the field by flattening whitetails and outperforming competitors in the tipped-slug market with its devastating ferocity. Guided by our innovative Power Port™ Tip, AccuTip Sabot Slugs deliver unmatched accuracy and terminal performance.

This aerodynamic masterpiece consistently achieves tight 100-yard groups and transfers immense knockdown force across the entire shotgun range. As the largest tipped slug available, it features enormous .58-caliber slugs for 12 Gauge and flat-shooting. During field testing, these slugs created massive wound channels and brought down deer with a single shot.


Ensure the threat scatters, not your pellets, with Federal Premium® buckshot loads featuring the innovative rear-braking FLITECONTROL® wad. Designed for superior patterns and optimal family protection, these specialized loads offer penetration precisely tuned for self-defense scenarios.

Key Features:
- Copper-Plated Shot: Enhances hardness and reduces deformation.
- Buffering: Prevents shot deformation for consistent performance.
- FLITECONTROL® Wad: Delivers the tightest, most reliable patterns possible.

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