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20-Gauge Buckshot | Federal Premium®

20-Gauge Buckshot | Federal Premium®

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Often overlooked, buckshot is engineered with the same precision and performance as all our top-quality loads. Federal Premium® Buckshot uses copper-plated pellets to ensure tight patterns and excellent downrange energy. Designed to deliver more hits on target, it provides impressive stopping power for predators, hogs, and deer.

Key Features:
- Copper-Plated Shot: Enhances hardness and reduces deformation.
- Buffering: Prevents pellet deformation and ensures dense, uniform patterns.
- Stopping Power: Effective on predators, hogs, and deer.

- Gauge: 20 Gauge
- Shot Size: 2 Buck
- Muzzle Velocity* 1100 fps
- Type: Lead
- Shot Charge: 1 1/4 oz
- Payload Pellets: 18
- Shotshell Length: 3 in. / 76 mm
- Density: 11 g/cc
- Package Quantity: 5
- Usage: Medium Game / Self Defense

Choose Federal Premium® Buckshot for your medium-game hunting needs and experience the exceptional accuracy and stopping power that set our ammunition apart.

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