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TekMat Pistol Cleaning Mats 11x17"

TekMat Pistol Cleaning Mats 11x17"

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TekMat, the original creator of printed cleaning and maintenance mats, presents the 17” TekMat designed to accommodate a fully disassembled handgun with ample room for tools and accessories. The 1/8” padded mat provides a premium feel and exceptional quality, offering extra protection against rough handling and accidental drops during firearm maintenance.

Key Features:
- Size: 17 inches, large enough for a fully disassembled handgun
- Padding: 1/8” thick for premium quality and extra protection
- Surface: Ultra-soft, oil, and water-resistant to prevent scratches
- Design: Includes detailed diagrams and illustrations for cleaning and disassembly guidance

The TekMat not only safeguards your firearm from scratches but also enhances your cleaning and maintenance experience with informative and fun-to-look-at diagrams. Protect your firearm and streamline your maintenance routine with the reliable and high-quality TekMat.

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