Support Law Enforcement Programs Through Your Training With Us

The “Group” in Trace Armory Group believes in the power of community and the critical role that law enforcement plays in ensuring our safety and security. When you choose to attend training sessions with us, you're investing in your skill development and directly supporting law enforcement programs in Moore and Chatham Counties, North Carolina.

How It Works

Trace Armory Group rents Moore, and Chatham County Law Enforcement Association facilities. A portion of the fees from your training sessions goes directly to supporting various initiatives within these counties. Here's how your participation helps make a difference:

  1. Direct Funding: Part of your training fee is allocated to support law enforcement programs. This funding is used for equipment upgrades, specialized training, and community outreach programs designed to strengthen the bond between officers and the residents they serve.
  2. Collaborative Training Sessions: We frequently invite law enforcement personnel to participate in our training programs. This not only fosters a spirit of collaboration but also provides officers with additional skills and knowledge to better serve their communities.
  3. Equipment Donations: Trace Armory Group regularly donates equipment to law enforcement agencies in Moore and Chatham Counties. Your support through training sessions makes these donations possible, allowing officers to use modern, reliable gear in their daily operations.
  4. Community Engagement: Our partnership with local law enforcement extends to community engagement events. By attending our training sessions, you help fund outreach programs that connect officers with the public in positive and meaningful ways.

Why It Matters

By attending training at Trace Armory Group, you're enhancing your skills and playing a vital role in strengthening local law enforcement. Your support helps ensure that officers in Moore and Chatham Counties have the resources and training to do their jobs effectively and safely.

Together, we can build a stronger, safer community. Thank you for choosing Trace Armory Group and contributing to the success of law enforcement programs in our region.

John Boyette